December 3, 2016

Interview: Brady Oxender from Slim White and the Averys

from Slim White and the Averys

This is Brady, from Slim White and the Averys, he's a drummer! Photo by Rachael Barbash.

Brady Oxender is the drummer for Slim White and the Averys as well as Matt Monta and the Smoking Guns. He is an avid country fan and could tell you just about all you would want to know about a town called Bakersfield, mainly the sound that came out of it. In fact, his band pumps out a pretty mean reproduction of the sound. Yep, these buckaroos put on a good ol’ fashion hoe down and you can catch them on the second Sunday of every month at the Shrunken Head. The show is all country music and the boys invite local, regional, and touring musicians through to showcase their talent. I asked Brady a few questions about the Ranch Party Round up and what we can expect next time ‘round.

Chris:Tell us a little about the Ranch Party Round Up.

Brady: The Round Up is a free classic country show that Slim White & the Averys host on the second Sunday of each month at the Shrunken Head. It’s a happy hour show, from 5-9. We generally feature 3 bands including the Averys. It is our goal to feature the best traditional country acts in town and to put on a show that the crowd can enjoy. We have Boots, our lead guitar player, spinning actual classic country records between sets, we have an MC, and we have country music trivia and raffles with country music prizes. The bands get paid through classic Nashville style. We have a boot at the front of the stage, and the crowd can tip the acts as they like. The bands are forced to put on a show if they want to be paid. The other thing that happens at the Round Up that doesn’t happen at a lot of shows is that we start on time, right at 5:00.

Chris: Have you had any big acts come through recently?

Brady: My favorite touring act that has come through was Ted Russell Kamp. Ted is a solo artist who also plays bass with Shooter Jennings, who is Waylon Jennings’ son. Ted was promoting a new album, and he came through town to play the Round Up. He was one of the most easy going people I’ve met, and he’s one hell of a talented musician.

Chris: Columbus Ohio though not a huge one, is a big city in its own right. What can people expect that have never been to a country show in Columbus?

Brady: In a word, sincerity. The classic country scene in Columbus is sincere and genuine through and through. The musicians are all characters and are some of the kindest and truest you’ll find. The music definitely reflects that. This is no frills old school county music. You won’t hear any Taylor Swift, that’s for sure. We all worship Hank Williams, and you can expect to hear at least a few Hank Sr. Songs at every show. Expect to have a good time, and to hear music by folks who care about tradition and work hard on their craft.

Chris: The country scene has been really growing steadily recently, what kind of fans have you guys started to attract?

Brady: Our fans are great. We have some folks in their 60’s, 70’s, and even 80’s who consistently show up, and we have college students who rarely miss a Round Up. The universal theme within the crowd is that they all come to listen. Most of our crowd isn’t out to socialize while music plays, they’re there to listen to the country music that shaped this country, and to appreciate it.

Chris: What stereotypes about country shows do you want to get rid of?

Brady: Let me dispel the big myth: the average person doesn’t know this- you like country music. You might not know it, but you do. If you hate Toby Keith and Rascal Flatts, you’re not alone. That’s not country. It’s some kind of Nashville bubblegum garbage. To tell me that you don’t want to go to a country show because you don’t like what you hear on the radio is like saying that you won’t go see The Who because you’re not a Jonas Brothers fan.

Chris: Which ones do you want to keep?

Brady: There’s this stereotype of the old timey barn square dance where everyone is friendly and they’ll all get drinkin’ and start dancin’, sing along and act a fool. On a good night, that’s exactly what happens at a country show.

Chris: Where can I get a good pair of boots in this town?

Brady: There are a few odd Mexican mini marts way out on east broad and east main that sell some really loud boots, but hands down, the best place in town is Rod’s Western Palace.  Their boot selection is great,and the place is legit. They have saddles and spurs and everything. They’re the place to go for hats, too. They’ll actually shape a hat especially for your head. Slim, our lead singer, has a fantastic hat he got from Rod’s that is shaped to his exact specifications.

Chris: Any up and coming country musicians in C-Bus you think people should know about?

Brady: As far as the classic country stuff goes, I think the Averys have been playing in town the longest- Dottie and Clyde were here when we started and Lydia Loveless was working, I think, but there wasn’t much more. Now, there are so many great acts in town that are so great. I love what Zach Whitney is doing. Chris Bingman has a ton of projects that are loads of fun. I heard The Houndstooth Bindles live for the first time at the August 14th round up. They’re a young band, but they’re really bluegrassy and what I’ve heard sounds great.

Chris: You’ve got our attention, anything else you want to say/plug/etc?
Brady: The Ranch Party Round Up is the 2nd Sunday of the month at the Shrunken Head. The Chris Bingman Variety Hour is the 1st Saturday of the month at Bernies. Matt Monta hosts the Honky Tonk Happy Hour the 1st and 3rd Fridays of the month at the Shrunken Head. The Slick City Rambler host the Whiskey Social every Tuesday at KOBO. Brothers host the Hillbilly Happy Hour on the 2nd and 4th Fridays at the Shrunken Head. Folks in Columbus have 10 chances per month to hear live, local, classic country music. TRY IT. YOU’LL LIKE IT.

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